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About Lloyd'z Motorworkz

Specializing in Victory and Indian Performance

At LLOYD'Z Motorworkz, we dedicate every day to delivering the best in aftermarket performance parts to riders of Victory and Indian Motorcycles. Lloyd Greer has been working with Aftermarket Performance for Victory Motorcycles since 1999 and for Indian Motorcycles since 2014. Our efforts are dedicated exclusively to Victory and Indian Motorcycles, allowing us to ensure our products and services are catered to your specific needs.

Choose your own path

Whatever your ultimate performance goal for your Victory/Indian Motorcycle may be, LLOYD'Z offers several options for most models. Ranging from bolt-on components such as intakes, fuel management devices, etc., to high-horsepower Motor Build Kits such as Big Bore Kits and Turbo/Supercharger Kits, LLOYD'Z has you covered! With over 130 Official LLOYD'Z Dealers located across 42 U.S. states, and over 40 Dealers located in 16 other countries across the planet, it's no wonder why LLOYD'Z Is the most recognized name in Victory/Indian Performance! For more information regarding LLOYD'Z and what we do, please visit our "About" page.

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Lloyd'z Motorworkz has over 130 Official U.S. LLOYD'Z Dealers located across 42 U.S. states, and over 40 International Dealers located in 16 other countries across the planet. Lloyd'z U.S. Dealers Lloyd'z International Dealers

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