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This should have been the first thing I ever posted as it’s the MOST played out question on the web.

I get asked this ALL the time. Which oil do I recommend in a Victory? My answer is Victory 20w40 oil! I don’t care about your oil analysts, I don’t care to hear your primary sounds quieter, I don’t care to hear the other oil you use is cheaper, I don’t care to hear any other comment you have about another oil. Cause and effect, you may have caused one thing to “get better” but you just affected another to get worse. I see HUNDREDS of torn apart motors every year, I can with a great deal of accuracy tell which oil was in that motor. It’s not a super power I possess; certain oils leave characteristic stains, marking, smell and wear in different areas of the motor. I’m by all means not experienced in all oils in these bikes but there are the top 4 used that I’m experienced with.

Now I will also say, I’m not suggestion Victory oil is by far the best oil in the world for these bikes. I am saying, with the ones that are typically used Victory oil lends itself to be the superior oil for wear and parts protection that provides a manageable and stable temperatures.

One issue raised is this, if there is better oil, let’s say Royal Purple. It’s oil I’ve wanted to try for years. It would take me an unknown amount of years gathering information to sit down and recommend another brand. Conclusions can’t be made on 1 engine, that’s bit me in the ass before.

So what’s my ending statement?

If you have the ability to buy Victory oil, IMO there’s no reason to open the top on another brand

Lloyd Greer

LLOYD’Z Motor Workz

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