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MLS Gasket Assembly

MLS stands for MULTI LAYER STEEL and is the only gasket type used for Victory head and base gaskets.

I see a lot of cylinders and heads that get shipped here for work, some new some old some for work or rework.

I notice, for some reason, that Techs are using spray gasket on the gaskets before assembly. The preferred choice of these guys seems to be the cooper spray gasket. Guys COME ON!!!??? You NEVER use anything on an MLS gasket! Period!

It does not hold any better but it does work its way out of the squished surface and into your oil and motor. That shit is like little abrasive balls circulating through your motor and collecting in passages. If you’re using that shit. STOP! If you see it festering up around your gaskets go smack your tech in the mouth and tell him “thanks pal, you just shortened the life of my motor.”

Lloyd Greer

LLOYD’Z Motor Workz

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