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Alcohol Abuse

A LLOYD’Z Alert on Today’s Gasoline – This Notice relates to problems with modern fuels.

The Alcohol I’m referring to is Ethanol. In my Opinion, ethanol should have never made it into modern gasoline.

Important E10 Ethanol Fuel Precautions:

Ethanol alcohol fuel blends expire in 90 days; when exposed to excessive water, they will expire even much faster. Studies report that in less than 100 days, alcohol fuels can absorb enough moisture to phase separate. If you are not monitoring or “testing” your gas for alcohol and water content, we recommend replacement of gas in your fuel tank at least every 2-3 weeks to avoid alcohol and water-related engine problems.

The power sports industry has seen numerous issues involving the addition of ethanol in today’s
gasoline, mostly relating to fuel lines, carburetors and fuel pumps.

It doesn’t appear to have stopped there. We have seen issues from the ethanol in gasoline causing a light rusting of the cylinders, rings and valves on Victory Motorcycles. The more metal in the internal top end of the motor, the more this can occur.

This issue has become so bad that there are currently lawsuits against the Federal Government and the oil companies about this problem. Just do a Search on the effects of motor damage related to ethanol in
gasoline and you’ll be surprised. Motor damage from such cause is NOT covered under warranty through any manufacture or aftermarket company as far as I am aware of.

To help reduce or eliminate the possibility of this occurring I recommend the following precautions.

  • For Short term storage stuff rags inside the end of the exhaust pipes
  • Make sure you add a good fuel Stabilizer to your tank prior to storage
  • When storing fill the tank as high as possible
  • Although not proven, I’m sure an additive such as Marvel Mystery oil added to the gas and run prior to
    storing won’t hurt
  • Store motorcycle in a space that does not see varying changes of temp or condensation (Sweating).
  • For Winter storage I would recommend pulling the spark plugs and fogging the motor
  • Covering a bike usually traps moisture inside and under the cover.
  • Take Care of your machine

Lloyd Greer

Owner: LLOYD’Z Motor Workz

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