LLOYD’Z Victory Supercharger Kit


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“..I would also like to say that we absolutely love the machine work and ease of installation. Kit is very organized and easy to install.”

– Chris Papas
Manager, Victory Motorcycles Australia & New Zealand

Hardcore Horsepower

Still need to take it to the next level? Our Supercharger Kits are perfect for any true Horsepower Addict who’s always looking to kick it up a notch.

Lloyd'z Supercharger Kit - Victory Performance

Our Supercharger Kits can be installed by us in-house, by your local LLOYD’Z Dealer, or you can purchase the kit for self-installation.
(Please note that this kit was intended for installation by trained professionals, minimal support will be provided aside from our supercharger installation video – please verify that you are comfortable with/able to perform the installation procedure before beginning, we cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by improper installation/operator error).

Kit Contents

Our Supercharger Kit utilizes a ProCharger B1-Supercharger, and includes all parts necessary for bolt-on installation of the supercharger – Pricing Starts at $6,345.00.
We also recommend a few additional upgrades in order to yield maximum benefit from the kit:

  • We recommend the use of our Supercharger-specific Cams to Ensure Maximum Power Output
    The Supercharger cams cost $520.00/set, If you already have a set of aftermarket LLOYD’Z cams installed in your bike, we will gladly offer you $400 credit toward the supercharger cams in exchange for your used LLOYD’Z Cams. (Must be in proper condition)
  • We highly recommend the use of our Variable Clutch (upgraded for Supercharger Application)in order to ensure power delivery to the bike’s rear wheel.
    The variable clutch is built from your OEM clutch. If you plan on upgrading your clutch to our Variable Clutch you will need to send us your OEM Clutch Hub for modification and your Primary Cover for machine clearance (for variable clutch fitment). The Variable Clutch costs $647.00, and the Primary Cover Machining costs $50.00. If you would like for us to inspect the condition of your current clutch pack, send us the entire clutch assembly with clutch pack so that we can measure the stack height – we’ll notify you if your clutch pack is determined to be out-of-spec, if purchased through us a new clutch pack costs $207.95.

Core Exchange Components:
Depending on your Bike’s Model The Kit may also utilize several modified OEM parts that will need to be exchanged prior to receiving your kit.

For Cross Country models we will need the following components:

  • Fuel Rail Assembly
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Throttle Body Assembly (with cable bracket)
  • Right Side Body Cowl

For Steel Frame Models we only require that you send us the bike’s Fuel Injectors.

The graphs below show our latest results under various supercharged configurations.


View Estimates:
Cross Country Models&nbspSteel Frame Models


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