LLOYD’Z Victory Fuel Controller, Gen 3

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  • Improved Fuel Mapping
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Quicker Throttle Response
  • Eliminates Backfiring


LLOYD’Z VFC is a fuel management device which adjusts your bike’s fuel mapping under different throttle positions, resulting in increased power, improved throttle response, smoother operation, and eliminates backfiring.

The VFC is programmed for your bike’s combination of parts using three buttons located on the front of the unit. We can preset your unit upon time of order, the device can also be readjusted to accommodate any future mods that you install on your bike after purchase.

Our VFC simply plugs into the bike’s existing injector harness – no splicing or cutting of existing wires required! In addition to its vastly flexible fuel management tuneability, the VFC III offers added control for performance fuels like Nitrous. All VFC’s come backed by a 1-year warranty against defect.

Please note that it is ONLY necessary to revert back to a stock download when installing a VFC on 2002-2007 Victory models. It IS NOT necessary on the 2008-Current models. The downloads on the 2008-Current models are lean enough that it does not drastically affect the tuning of the VFC.

The VFC-08 is specifically designed for 2008-2015 Victory’s with Closed-Loop fuel systems and offers improved fuel mapping, better fuel economy, and special programming to eliminate deceleration backfiring. The O2 Sensors must also be disconnected on the 2008-Current models when installing a VFC.

For all 2016/2017 Victory Models, and all Indian Models, the installation of O2 Resistor Plugs will be necessary.

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'08-'15 Victory (all models) w/Closed Loop Systems, 2000-2007 Victory (all models), Indian Scout/Victory Octane, Indian 111" Models (Chieftain, Vintage, Etc.), 2016 Victory Models, 2017 Victory Models

Installation Instructions

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2007 & Prior Models

2008 & Newer Models

1 review for LLOYD’Z Victory Fuel Controller, Gen 3

  1. Tim White

    I installed the tuner in a 2007 Vegas 8-ball that my daughter’s boyfriend had installed performance pipes and a K&N air cleaner on. I know that it was running VERY lean (too lean). The moment I started the bike with the tuner installed, I could tell it was better right out of the box. I made some small adjustments at idle (green), and made it one light richer at partial throttle (yellow). The WOT settings seemed perfect. Now, the bike pulls strong from low-rpm to high-rpm; there are no drop-offs and no decel-popping. Best of all, my daughter reports a huge gain in low-end torque and better all-around smoothness. So I was able to save the bike from burning itself up and I scored points with my daughter. A total win for me!

    I know it’s an older bike, and I’m glad I found your tuner for it! I’ve previously run the Power Commander and the MasterTune fuel controllers on Harleys, and compared to your unit, those were and are a real pain in the neck!

    Thanks for a good product, fast shipping, and great instructions.

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