Lloyd’z Performance Victory Cams

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  • Unmatched Performance Gains
  • Selection of Profiles to Suit Your Combination
  • Direct Replacement, Drop-In Installation for Most Cam Profiles

2008 and prior models will require a Cam Carrier upgrade in order to fit our cams.



Cam Profile Application
LLOYD’Z Signature Cams
(Formerly HOH-LSC)
Easily outperforming any other low-mid range aftermarket cam profile available for Victory Freedom motors, we’re proud to offer our newest cam profile, Lloyd’z Signature Cams!
Our Signature cams are a direct replacement drop-in cam profile and require no valve spring or cam carrier modifications, typically offering 16-18 additional peak horsepower.
LLOYD’Z Street-Grind Cams
(Formerly HOH-VM1-DR)
With incredible power increases for stock compression 106″ motors, these are our drop-in cams that require no valve spring or head modifications for ’09-up models, typically yielding gains of 16-18 peak horsepower.
LLOYD’Z High Performance Touring Cams
(Formerly HOH-HPT)
Our High Performance Touring Cam is our preferred cam profile for Vision models, typically yielding gains of 18-24 peak horsepower.
Your bike’s Cam Carriers will need to be clearanced to fit this cam, the Rear Cam Carrier’s Exhaust Rocker will also need to be clearanced for cam lift clearance.
LLOYD’Z 495 Cams
(Formerly HOH-495)
Our 495 cams were designed for riders of ’09-up Steel Frame Models with Big Bore Kit Applications.
Our 495 Cams will require the installation of High-Lift Valve Springs, Cam Carriers and Rear Carrier’s Exhaust Rocker will need to be clearanced to fit this cam.

2008 and prior models will require a cam carrier upgrade in order to fit our aftermarket cams. The upgrade includes two 2009-newer Victory Freedom Cam Carriers with all required hardware.

You will need to install a fuel management system to utilize our performance cams, we recommend you use a Power Commander 5 and have your bike dyno-tuned in order to yield optimal results. For maximum benefit, we recommend a proper performance exhaust and intake with our cams.


Additional information

Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in
Year Range

'08-Prior, '09-'17

Cam Profile

HOH-501 Street Grind, HOH-506 '09-Newer Steel Frame Models, HOH-504 Touring '09-Newer Vision, XC/XR, HOH-505 Signature Cams '09-Newer Steel Frame Models, XC/XR

3 reviews for Lloyd’z Performance Victory Cams

  1. roy brewster

    Fitted the LSC cams, timing wheel, power commander, open air box and Bassani slash cuts about 6 months ago to my 13 judge, these cams do seem to like an open exhaust system to unleash their full potential so be prepared to make some noise, no loss of low down torque and great spread of usable power right through the rev range, more than happy thanks Lloydz

  2. Steve Phillips

    I have nearly 50,000 miles on my 2014 XC tour. I put these cams in, timing wheel, PC5 and had it tuned and it is so smooth when you roll on the power in the corner and it loves the 3000-5000 rpm mark! Thank you Lloyd and the all of the people that help bolster your name in the world of performance!

    96hp/112ft lbs before and 116hp/115ft lbs after, with the torque curve flattening out, improving the ridability. The only difference between the 2 tunes were stock cams were replaced with VM1 cams, and installing the High Flow Lloydz air filter (then tuned of course!).

  3. Bob Crawford

    Just came back from a 1,600 mile trip. These cams are awesome! They kick in above 3,000 rpms. No surging or flat spots.
    2015 Victory XTC

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