Lloyd’z 109″-116″ Inch Big Bore Kits


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Need More Power?

So you’ve installed all the basics and a set of aftermarket cams, but you still feel like you just want more? Then maybe one of our Big Bore Kits will offer the power you’re looking for. Starting at $1,725.00, our Big Bore Kits are a great option for the rider that wants a more aggressive configuration without breaking the bank.

Lloyd'z 116

We have a selection of Big Bore Kits available for all Victory Freedom Motors:

  • For bikes with 92” and 100” Victory Freedom Motors, we can bring your overall motor size to 109” (or 116” when combined with our Stroker Kit).
  • For riders of bikes with 106” Victory Freedom Motors, we can bring your overall motor size to 116”.

The Procedure

The Big Bore Kit procedure is fairly simple, your bike’s existing cylinders are bored out and re-sleeved with ductile steel sleeve inserts. The Kit also includes the required Head Gaskets (116” Kits will also include Base Gaskets), as well as one set of High Compression Pistons at the appropriate bore size (includes wrist-pins, clips, and rings).

Big Bore Kits can be installed by us in-house, by your local LLOYD’Z Dealer, or we can work directly with you if you plan on performing the installation yourself (Please note that this kit was intended for installation by trained professionals – please verify that you are comfortable with/able to perform the installation procedure before beginning, we cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by improper installation/operator error).

To perform the Big Bore Kit alone we will only need your bike’s cylinders, if you plan on following our recommended upgrades to accompany the kit the we will also need the following:

  • If you plan on upgrading your clutch to our Variable Clutch (highly recommended to ensure proper power delivery to wheel), you will need to send us your OEM Clutch Hub for modification and your Primary Cover for machine clearance (for variable clutch fitment). The cost of the Variable Clutch is $535.00, and the Primary Cover Machining costs $50.00. If you would like for us to inspect the condition of your current clutch pack, send us the entire clutch assembly with clutch pack so that we can measure the stack height – we’ll notify you if your clutch pack is determined to be out-of-spec, if purchased through us a new clutch pack costs $207.95.
  • If you plan on having us perform Headwork (highly recommended to ensure maximum power output), You will need to send us the bike’s heads (with valves included). Our Recommended headwork plan consists of a 3-angle Valve Job with bowls and seats blended, ports glass beaded, de-greased, and milled. The headwork plan costs $620.00.
  • If you plan on upgrading your bike’s cams to one of our recommended Big Bore Kit cam profiles (HPT for Vision/XC models, HOH-495 for ’09-newer steel-frame models, or S&S 495 cams for ’08-prior steel frame models.) there are a few requirements based on which cam profile is appropriate for your year/model:
    • To utilize the HPT or HOH-495 cams, your bike’s cam carriers and rear carrier’s exhaust rocker will need to be clearanced for fitment, you can send us these components and we’ll perform the machine work for a $50.00 fee. To utilize either of these cam profiles you will also need to install a high-lift valve spring kit ($143.00).
    • To Utilize the S&S 495 cams, you will need to clearance the rear carrier’s exhaust rocker, you can send this to us and we’ll perform the machine work for a $50.00 fee. You will also need to install a high-lift valve spring kit ($143.00).
  • We also recommend our ECM Reflash Service, which will remove your speed limiter, raise your rev limiter to roughly 6400 RPM, and also includes a brief optimization of your bike’s timing curves. The REflash Service costs $200.00 for ’07-earlier models, or $225.00 for ’08-current models.

Additional Requirements:

Your bike will need to have a Power Commander 5 installed for fuel/timing adjustment purposes, and will need to be dyno tuned. The bike will need to undergo a 500 mile break-in period prior to dyno tuning.

If we will be performing the installation, 300 miles of the 500 mile break-in period will be added to labor costs.

Depending on your year/model we may be able to provide a base map for the break-in period, we do not recommend using the base map beyond the break-in period. We generally do not recommend the use of pre-made PCV base maps altogether as all bikes will vary to quite a significant degree, so there is no way to guarantee the functionality of any map that was not created on your exact bike with your exact mods installed.

While we have not run into any reliability issues with our Big Bore Kits, one area that you will want to pay attention to is your warm-up procedure – Before riding a bike with one of our Big Bore Kits installed, you need to make sure that you allow the bike to reach proper operating temperature (as with a stock bike). We cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by improper warm-up period.


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