Lloyd’z Variable Pressure Plate


  • Improved clutch performance in high-output builds
  • Adds clutch force as RPMs rise
  • High-strength steel Design

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The variable pressure clutch plate uses a series of centrifugal weights around the outer rim of the pressure plate to put additional pressure on the clutch pack as the rpm increases. High performance engines typically make the most torque and horsepower in the higher rpm range, and that is just where our variable pressure clutch plate comes through with some extra squeeze!

Our Variable Clutch fits all 2002-up Victory Freedom Engines and is designed to be used with the stock clutch and stock (green) clutch spring so there isn’t any additional clutch effort over stock. That makes this a very cost-effective upgrade since you use what you already have. This is an Exchange Only part. You must send in your clutch hub for exchange. We will then swap out the necessary components and send it back ready for a hassle-free install. Primary Covers also need to be clearanced for fitment, It’s a $55 Charge to do this and you can send it in at the same time for quick turn around.

If you suspect your clutch to be worn out-of-spec, you can send us your entire Clutch Assembly with your existing clutch pack so that we can measure your stack height to determine if replacement is necessary. A replacement clutch pack costs $207.95 if purchased directly through us.

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