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Victory Turbocharger Kit

Need more Power?

Looking for a package that offers power gains between our Big Bore Kits and Supercharger Kits? Look no further than our Victory Turbocharger Kit!

Built to suit

  • Our Turbocharger Kits are built in a "one-off" manner, so you have a choice regarding mounting/placement, etc. Pricing for a kit alone starts around $4900.00, and will vary depending on your specific requests for the kit.
  • In-house labor is not included in the above price, labor is estimated at $600 - $800.
  • The bike will need a Power Commander for fuel management purposes and will also need to be dyno tuned. We charge $300 for a dyno tune and a Power Commander 5 ('08 - current) costs $399.95.
  • Your bike will need our Upgraded Variable Clutch installed in order to ensure proper power delivery to the rear wheel, the Variable Clutch for this configuration costs $647.00.

More Info Coming Soon!