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Victory Stroker Kit

Considering an Upgrade?

Looking to get a few more horsepower out of your 92" or 100" Victory Freedom Motor? Starting at $1599.00, our Stroker Kit will convert your 92" Victory Freedom motor to 99", or your 100" Freedom motor to 106" like the newer style Freedom Motors.

The Stoker Kit includes the following components:

  • Stroker Crank
  • S&S 495 Cams
  • S&S Connecting Rods
  • Rod Bearings
  • High-Lift Valve Spring Kit

Your new Stroker Crank Will need to be balanced to the pistons and connecting rods that will be utilized.
There will be a $225.00 Crank Balancing Fee for this service.

If you wish to utilize high-compression pistons:
Please let us know and we will make sure that your crank is balanced to the appropriate piston, otherwise your crank will be balanced to a piston of stock compression. We have both 10.8:1 or 11.0:1 High-Compression Pistons available for purchase.

Works Well With:

The Stroker Kit can be used in conjunction and works well with any of our other bolt-on performance products that you may have installed prior.
We would strongly recommend the use of our Torque Tubes Intake along with the Stroker Kit, as the Torque Tubes will provide significant gains across-the-board.

Lloyd personally recommends one of the following performance exhausts to ensure maximum power output with the 106" Stroker Kit:

  • Bassani 2-1 Mid-length Road Rage Exhaust
  • RPW Slash 2-into-2 or RPW Big Slash 2-into-1 Exhaust
  • RPW Thor 2-into-1 Exhaust

The Stroker Kit can also be combined with our 109" Big Bore Kit to yield a total motor size of 116".

View 109"/116" Big Bore Kit Information/Pricing

Other Information

Stroker Kits can be installed by us in-house, by your local LLOYD'Z Dealer, or you can purchase the kit for self-installation.
(Please note that this kit was intended for installation by trained professionals - please verify that you are comfortable with/able to perform the installation procedure before beginning, we cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by improper installation/operator error).

If you plan on utilizing high-compression pistons you will need to perform a 500-mile break-in period.
Depending on your year/model we may be able to provide a base map for the break-in period, however we do not recommend using the base map beyond the break-in period. We generally do not recommend the use of pre-made PCV base maps altogether as all bikes will vary to quite a significant degree, so there is no way to guarantee the functionality of any map that was not created on your exact bike with your exact mods installed.