Frequently Asked Questions

My Victory backfires under deceleration, can you stop it from doing that?

  • Yes, your bike is backfiring because it is too lean. A T.P.S. adjustment or the installation of fuel management will be required. A test ride is always recommended after tuning to insure your satisfaction.

My Victory runs rough at 2200-2600 RPM’s. Can it be made to run smoother?

  • This is due to an improper T.P.S. adjustment and can be tuned out for a smoother running bike. Additional items may also need to be installed for optimum performance.

What octane fuel should I use in my bike?

  • Due to the great variance in gas quality, octane, and altitude from coast to coast, you should use the minimum octane that doesn’t cause the bike to ping (detonation), most noticeable under hard acceleration. This is primarily for stock motor bikes, new Freedom Motors and modified V92C motors should use a premium grade fuel.

My bike is brand new and isn’t running well. Will it be covered under warranty if I bring it to you for tuning?

  • No, unfortunately that is part of the dealer set-up and can’t be covered under warranty. Talk with your dealer since it is in his best interest to keep you satisfied. If, however, you think it runs OK and you want to take it to the next level, bring it to us and we’ll make sure you are satisfied.

I have a bike with a Freedom Motor and want a stage-1 upgrade. Is it better to do the Victory download or install Lloyd’z Fuel Controller?

  • Unfortunately there are a couple downfalls to doing the Victory performance download. This doesn’t apply for some very good tech’s but there are also some who don’t put the love needed into setting up the download properly to make your bike run smoothly. Being non-adjustable is also a downfall. With Lloyd’z VFC, you get fast, easy adjustment to suit your bikes fuel requirements whether it’s stock or stage-III. You won’t have to do downloads every time you make a change to your motor (exhaust, cams, pistons, etc.). One box, unlimited adjustment.

Will doing “performance” engine work void my warranty?

  • Good Question. Yes, By deciding to do performance work you are choosing to sacrifice your warranty coverage for harder acceleration. We believe an informed decision is most important and with our experience, we can advise you of the pro’s and con’s of any modification you are considering. After all, the decision to do so is solely up to you.