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Which Octane to Choose

Save yourself some money, MAYBE.

This applies to all models and years.

On Stock compression Victory’s that are NOT being run on closed loop you can drop your octane down to the lowest level that does not cause the motor to have “Detonation” Pinging. Running a higher than needed octane level does nothing for performance and just costs more money.

Now one of the key elements in this is, the rider needs to know what detonation or pinging sounds like and be able to determine that when your testing the lower octane levels. It wont be uncommon for most 99-07 bikes to run 87 octane and perform better. One thing that can cause a bike not to like a lower octane level is a lean condition, the more lean a bike runs (14.5/1 and higher) the more octane that’s needed to suppress detonation. Lean conditions can be a result of fueling or intake air leaks.

Lloyd Greer

LLOYD’Z Motor Workz

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