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A Few Words from the World's Best Customers..

"I have a 2010 Victory Hammer. For under $500, I got the Lloydz exhaust gaskets, muffler baffles, IAV and VFC. The difference is incredible. The sound is what I wanted 106 cubic inches to sound like, namely a little like a V-8 muscle car! Acceleration is improved across the board, now able to pass on the highway, in overdrive, simply by rolling on the throttle. For short money and simple modification, I feel like Lloyd'z has unleashed the soul of my bike! They have also been very helpful and informative in discussing my bike with me on the telephone. Thanks Lloydz!"

Gary Daddario, Customer since 2011

"I just wanted to send a thank you to everyone at the shop for a job well done. The work they performed and the modifications that were made has given me a "New Bike". I can't believe the power I have, and how smooth the bike runs now. Please thank everyone there for me because it's a great Team that you have there and they all deserve the "pat on the back".. I'm sending along an old picture of the new bike. Thanks again!"

Eric Kosbob, Customer since 2012

"I would like to say that you and your staff are to be commended for your customer service and product. The technical precision of your work and the personal service provided is unobtainable by 99.9% of all businesses. You have a customer and dear friend (and I don't throw that word around) forever."

Rodney Smith, Customer since 2010

"I just got my '05 Kingpin dyno tuned. I have VM1 cams, 100 cu in bore kit, Stage 1 Victory slash cut slip-ons, S&S air filter, and fuel controller. I ended up with 113.5 hp and 111.3 ft-lbs torque. Needless to say, I am very pleased."

Steve Young, Customer since 2012

"This weekend I installed an X-Bow stage 1 kit with K&N filter on my 2013 Hammer 8 Ball, along with a VFC III that was mapped accordingly by Lloydz, and all I can say is WOW what a difference!!!! I took my time to insure that all went according to instructions but must say that due to the factory air box being in the way, that front connector on the VFC wiring harness caused me to create new words! I finally made a little hook out of a coat hanger in order to fish the connector over to its destination so it would snap into place. Once finished and all connections double checked I hit the starter and it fired right up. Took it for a test ride and it ran perfect, no backfires, and the crisp throttle and acceleration was very noticeable over the previous stock condition! I can not thank Danny and Lloydz enough for the VFC! As soon as I can swing it I plan on installing the Torque Tubes but for now I really love how this Hammer now performs."

Terry C., Customer

"I previously had a Vegas with Cams, Ness pipes, S&S Airbox and VFC II from Lloydz that really ran great, but the parts were installed by my local Victory dealer and I was not happy with the tuning, which I had to iron out over many weeks. So when I purchased my new Cross Roads, I was committed to having the "Professionals" install the parts and tune the bike. It now has the VM1 CAMS, Timing gear set, Power Commander 5, Lloydz air filter, Barnett Plate and Ness Big Honkers. The parts were installed while I waited and I was able to witness the Dyno tuning. While I have owned three Victory's since their release in 1999, not one has run this smooth (not to mention the >20% increase in power). This is how all Victory's should run! Before you sink a dollar into your bike on performance parts, call Lloyd'z and get their advice. Great from the minute I downloaded the bike until Lloyd helped me load it into the trailer. Well worth the long drive and $$$, thanks again to the Lloyd'z team."

Robert Miller, Customer since 2007

"So I buy a Lloyd'z fuel controller for my 2008 Kingpin. With installation, I had a question on the air box removal. Attempting to figure things out with two local dealerships was a failure and an ABSOLUTE a waste of time. Sent an email to Lloyd'z and received a call back from Lloyd. Once I got over the fact that he personally called me back and is really down-to-earth, not only was it plainly evident that he knows is stuff but he took the time to talk me through the installation of the fuel controller. At the same time he helped me identify another problem I had no idea existed, with the rubber separating from the throttle body being the likely cause of my intermittent stalls. So, of course I HAD to buy his air filter and additional parts on the spot. If someone like Lloyd is going to take time out of his busy day to call and walk / talk me through something like that, you have a customer for life. If only I lived closer.. wrong coast. You rock Lloyd! Thanks!!! I REALLY appreciate the time and expertise that you provided. Local dealerships really need to take a class on Customer Service from you.. While I haven't received or installed the air filter yet, Can't wait. Thanks again man!"

Bill Rice, Customer since 2012

"I have been extremely pleased with the customer service end of LLOYD'Z Motorworkz. I have spoken over the phone and via email to Mr. Lloyd himself which has really given me confidence in his business. I am currently running the Gen-III on a 2007 custom jackpot - open air intake, victory drag pipes - 87hp 96 tq. But that is only the beginning.."

Dustin Theriot, Customer since 2010

"I own a 2011 Cross Country 106" that you folks modified with HPT cams, carriers, fuel processor, and D&D mufflers. Finally put it on a dyno, 115 HP, 118 Ft/lbs of torque! I love it and all my HD friends hate it!"

Mark Goode, Dallas Texas, Customer